Parent-Child Relations in the Iliad - Book Report/Review Example

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Parent-Child Relations in the Iliad

In Iliad the child maybe treated by parents right and some are being cursed to death. However the importance of this relationship is being presented in Iliad and will be introduced to future generation to analyze their relationship with their parents.
Phoenix is an old man who became the foster father of Achilles. He is the one who nurtured Achilles from early childhood. He is Achilles tutor hired by Peleus. When Phoenix was a young man he was cursed by his own father Amyntor to die because of the argument about concubine. Amyntor has prayed that his son Phoenix never will have a son of his own to sit upon his knees. Gods of the underworld have made this curse come true. Though the infant Achilles sat on Phoenix's knees, Phoenix has never had a real son. Is this representation of a parent-child relationship is real In the early century the binding of the family ties are not that focus. They are after the welfare of themselves not of their family. It maybe difficult to explain how can fathers do such a thing but it happened not only to Phoenix but also to Meleagers. In Iliad this two characters are being cursed both by their parents. ...
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The relationship between parents and children is a major theme or issue of consideration in the ILIAD. This paper will discuss how the parent-child relationships in iliad are presented. The Iliad has mentioned several parent-child relationship including Chryseis' and his father priest Chryses (, Oedipus and his parents, Achilles and his mortal father Peleus and his mother Thettis (a goddess mother), Phoenix and Amyntor, Meleagers and her mother, and others…
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