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The Great Depression of the 1930s resulted in the most significant economic upheaval since the advent of the industrial revolution. Highly industrialized nations that had developed the concept of specialized labor were put into a severe hardship. England, France, Germany, and Italy were all similar in demographics and industrialization when the Depression began.


The totalitarian governments of Germany and Italy were made possible by the creation of a political void when the depression set in. There was no long history of cooperative politics to base a future of compromise and sacrifice on. Both Germany and Italy fit this mold. Germany became an extreme form of totalitarianism with the practice of genocide and a policy of ethnic cleansing. Italy was less authoritarian in that it did not have world domination as a policy goal. However, Italy did wish to dispose of capitalism and put the power into the hands of the working class. This called for extreme measures to push their socialist agenda. Mainstream and moderate political ideas were shut out and in the process total control was given over to the fascist rulers.
Adolph Hitler was able to rise to unquestioned authority in Germany, which resulted in one of the most brutal dictatorships in the history of the world. He was able to rise to power as a part of the Nazi party machine. The Nazis had gained popularity after World War I and the resulting sanctions that were placed on Germany at that time. The Nazi party was based on an intense feeling of nationalism and patriotism. ...
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