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Nursing - Admission . 'Nursing' as a career.

“Service to humanity is service to God.” This saying has been a great influence in my opting for ‘Nursing’ as a career. The desire in me to serve the humanity while pursuing career goals helped in selecting the course, as this field has lot to learn while assisting in curing the injured or infirm. I was 8 yrs old when my grandfather was paralyzed and bed ridden while my granny used to take good care of him, trying her level best to minimize grandpa’s pain, without letting him feel the pain look after him. Then I realized the meaning of being a nurse. I therefore started gaining an interest in Nursing since childhood.

The Cochran School of Nursing is one of the oldest hospital-based school of nursing and the largest school in Westchester County. Known for its quality nursing programs with emphasis on developing individual goals and participation in life long learning, the nursing program at Cochran is in my opinion the best suited for someone like me who has traveled all the way from India to United States for studying but somehow could not realize the dreams as I was caught in the web of life’s circle. I see an opportunity to realize my dreams with the professional guidance from Cochran and I’ll try my level best to come up-to the expectations of the Institute. ...
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Definition of success varies from person to person, depending upon the circumstances and the ambitions. In my opinion long term success means living up-to the expectations of the society, helping the humanity and being recognized as a person with a heart while realizing one’s goals of becoming an expert in the chosen field. …
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