Ethics The Element of Moral Philosophy by Rachels, Meditations ( Marcus Aurellius), A man For All Seasons (Bolt)

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From the Elements of Moral Philosophy by Rachel know what is Morality, the Utilitarian approach, are there absolute Moral rules The Ethics of Virtue: Understand key concepts and be able to assign particular concepts to particular theorist-i.e. the categorical imperative to Kant.


Additionally, the origin of morals and moral behavior is relatively unknown; as is what components a person must consider when deciding whether his or her actions would be considered moral. Unlike many consequentialists, Kant asserts deontological, or "Duty Based" morals. Essentially, morals come directly from the will of the person taking action; that person will do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do.
This approach to ethics is the easiest to teach, the first people learn, and the most cut-and-dry approach to ethics and moral influence available. The Kantian approach to morality relies heavily on universal acceptance and implementation of "laws" such as whether or not a person should lie, steal, or murder. Clearly, to lie, steal, or murder is wrong; therefore a moral person will never lie, will never steal, and will never murder another person.
The idea of "Universal Acceptance and Application of Laws" is known as the Categorical Imperative. Kant describes this Categorical Imperative as a personal choice: act in a manner that you would like to see become a universal law. This is somewhat akin to the "Golden Rule" - in a sense. ...
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