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Football without a doubt is a very fascinating game and is played all across the world with a lot of zeal. The players involve themselves physically as well as emotionally in the game. I remember the first time I played football was a long time back, who would have thought then that I would one day make it as a professional and travel to Switzerland.


The excitement and the nervousness was quite natural as it was my first air travel. All most all the people behave the same way as I did on my first flight to Switzerland. My relatives had come to the Airport to bid adieu to me and I was very nervous because I knew very little about what I was going to do in Switzerland if I fail in my trail with Grasshopper Zurich football club. But at the same time I had planned which brought down my nervousness a little. I had a back up with another football club in the same country. It's always good to have a back up, it does help in the most difficult of all situations. I boarded the flight and I was all set to go to Switzerland. The flight was an exquisite one and had all the comforts which one can think about. The facilities were amazing and all the passengers looked quite content with the on board facilities and no one had any complaints whatsoever. The professionalism of the people taking care of the passengers was of the highest quality. It took 3 hours to get to Switzerland and once I landed in Switzerland I found the place much more beautiful than described on the internet or for that matter any other source. The climate was very pleasant and I enjoyed every bit of it. ...
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