Psychiatric Nursing

Case Study
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Introduction: This case study is about a patient, whose identity will remain undisclosed for reasons of confidentiality. She will be termed Linda throughout this case study essay for reasons of convenience. Her story is as follows. Linda is a 28-year-old woman who presented to the emergency department with deep lacerations to both of her wrists inflicted by herself.


Upon interrogation, she also stated that she noticed a loss of appetite over the last three months. She also admitted to having lost interest in socialising due to her feelings of tension and nervousness among people. She also reported difficulty to concentrate, lack of motivation, and as a result, she has been feeling incapacitated enough to be unproductive at her work as a clerical officer for the Roads and Traffic Authority. Linda also stated that she had felt some tension and nervousness as long as she could remember, although this had definitely exacerbated with the death of her sister 13 months ago. Although Linda has an extensive family network in New Zealand, she has no significant extended family present in her life locally. She has no record of mental health history. Linda is vague and non-specific about her current use of prescribed or non-prescribed medications and is unable to remember how much alcohol she had drunk in the last week. Linda states that she has rung Lifeline on many occasions but did not follow up on their advice until now. She appeared well dressed, thin, and pale, had dark circles under her eyes, and continually wrung her bandaged hands in her lap.
Stress can be described as a circumstance that disturbs, or is likely ...
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