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Capital Punishment Debate

"Since 1994, states that have executed murderers have experienced the most rapid decline in homicide rates while states without capital punishment have seen an increase in murders (Tucker, 2001)."
Capital Punishment Protester: People may fear death, but fear outweighed by anger toward another person is enough to push the criminal over the edge. A strong rage will inhibit a criminal's judgment and a murder will occur regardless of capital punishment. Studies may show a decline in murders in states with capital punishment but these numbers are a coincidence. Statistics have also shown that capital punishment does not deter criminal activity. "Consider the twenty-seven states where at least one execution occurred during the sample period. Executions deter murder in only six states. Capital punishment, however, actually increases murder in thirteen states, more than twice as many as experience deterrence. In eight states, capital punishment has no effect on the murder rate (Shepherd, 2005, pg 2003)."
Capital Punishment Advocate: Capital punishment also makes law-abiding citizens safe. Execution of the criminal keeps the criminal from re-offending because an execution is permanent and the criminal will not be on the streets again. Future lives are saved because the criminal cannot harm another person after the prison sentence.
Capital Punis ...
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This is a dialogue between and advocate of capital punishment and a protester against capital punishment. Both parties make valid points to their cause and offer excellent points for each side of this debate.
Capital Punishment Advocate: Capital punishment deters crime because criminals will not want to risk an execution sentence…
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