construction of identity(module) essay title is what is a 'crisis of identity' Has contemporary westren society contributed to this phenomenonDiscuss.

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The Crisis of identity or the term 'identity crisis' was coined by the famous psychologist Erik Erickson. Identity is an umbrella term used in social sciences to denote the individual's comprehension of the self as a separate and distinct entity in a social framework.


It represents the concept of identity negotiation where a person has multiple identities that are related to the various aspects of the individual's life and personality and constantly 'negotiates' with the environment around him as to the meaning of identity of the self. During research conducted by scientists in 2002, they were amazed at the ability of dolphins to identify themselves in a mirror and it raised a whole issue of debates on 'environmental identity'.
In terms of sociology and political theories, the notions of social identity is the individual's identification of themselves as members of a particular socio-political grouping such as a nation, social class, race, ethnicity, gender, employment or professional groups, and so forth. It is in this context that sociologists and historians speak of national identity of a particular coutry and feminists speak of gender identity. Most people are proud of their identity groups which enhances the feeling of community or belonging. They often add specific customs to their groups to enforce this identity. In some cases, sociologists have even recorded that the behaviour wasn't even established through the group but with a Stereotype of Oppressors. ...
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