Nanotechnology holds huge promise in a wide range of applications but there are potential risks. Discuss - Essay Example

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Nanotechnology holds huge promise in a wide range of applications but there are potential risks. Discuss

Nanotechnology has a wide range of use and application and its multi-disciplinary utilities encompass applied physics, device physics, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, supra-molecular chemistry, reactivity, electrical conductivity, cleaner energy production, energy efficiency, light weighting of materials, and environmental improvements, besides a vast array of applications hitherto unexplored. [1]
Sales of produce manufactured by the use of nanotechnology has crossed US$ 30 billion and is expected to touch US$ 1 trillion within the next decade. However, despite its phenomenal capabilities and benefits, there are disturbing indications about its side effects and capacity to hurt.
As of now, what is known is there are both positive and negative effects to nanotechnology. While its protagonists are busy exploiting its various uses, not enough is being done to meticulously research its potential to harm immediately or over a period of time. As has been mentioned, the potential for its positive use is tremendous and is poised to usher in yet another dynamic era of worldwide usage after the electronic age. ...
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There has never been a time in history when inventions had become such a huge albeit subtle threat. From the invention of the simple wheel to the electronic age, man has been able to contain the threats to appreciable degree. However, if there was any doubt if man could continue his dominance over nature and all his inventions, nanotechnology is testing this doubt.
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