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Psychology Required # 5

Short-tempered, shyness, or other attitudes are all part of the genetic influence. If a child is intolerant, abstemious, arrogant or just simply shy, the behavior can be traced to the genetic influence of its parent.
If a child in its early years is adopted by its adoptive parents, but the child radiates a different level of intelligence and resemblance, it can be attributed to the genetic influence. However, if the child grows up to display traits of its adopted parents, then the child is said to be influenced by the environment1.
If a parent wears glasses, it invariably shows on a child in the family. This can be construed as a strong indication of the genetic influence on the physical development of the child. Similarly, children with blue or brown or green eyes, inherit this from their parents. The brain is a complex and intricate part of the human anatomy. It is made up of over 30000 genes that control all functional activities of the human body. The brain develops in accordance to its surroundings and relates to it. When a new born baby begins to identify and understand its surroundings, one would acknowledge it to the influence of nurture. Obviously, parents would stake claim to their dedicated hard work and persuasion. ...
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To what degree is human psychology (mind, behavior, and development) a product of nature (genes and biology), and to what degree is human psychology a product of nurture (learning, environment, and social cultural factors)
Human psychology relates to an individual's mental state, emotion, personality, behavior, and relationships with others around him/her…
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