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Essay example - Management in Health and social care

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Since the middle of the 1980s, health care reform has been one of the top policy initiatives of most Western industrialized states. A new wave of reform has emerged that focuses on harnessing competition to more efficiently achieve social justice ends. Managed competition reform and traditional single structured management models represent an important change from the traditional approach to health care reform…

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By contrast, the new reform models require purchasers-government-appointed authorities, private insurers, or risk-bearing groups of health providers-to proactively manage and allocate resources amongst different health care needs. Purchasers are expected to manage treatment decision-making by physicians and other health providers. Managed competition and traditional single structured management combine elements of both government planning and market approaches. Managed care, another concept that is often referred to in the context of health care reform, is the mechanism through which managed competition proposals seek to obtain cost savings, but as described further below, can be employed in any health care system. The internal market programme has been surprisingly successful. The large majority of the measures of which the programme was made up have been adopted in time. Admittedly, there are areas which lag behind (such as free movement of persons). Moreover, it has not always been possible to maintain the rigorous approach originally and a lot remains to be done with regard to implementing the adopted measures at national level. ...
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