Reasons that Relationships Fail

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Relationships in general can fail for a myriad of different reasons. No relationship is ever perfect, but oftentimes relationships reach a paralyzing breaking point without the parties involved even knowing it. Much like a sucker punch that a prizefighter never saw coming, couples oftentimes live out their mundane lifestyles without knowing that the very foundations of their union are teetering on the brink.


Any union that does not propagate trust as its core value is definitely standing on a shaky foundation. A successful and happy relationship should be predicated on trust, otherwise the union will be punctuated by countless second-guessing, incessant arguing, and an overall unhealthy vibe. Distrust is fueled by insecurity and immaturity, hence one should be hesitant in plunging into a committed relationship if there are any warning signs at all during the dating process.
Have you ever seen one of those Catch-22 couples who keep on pining about a "lack of communication" Its always either one talks too much or one's opinions are constantly ignored. Ironically, these are the types of couples who do a lot of "talking", and yet there is no real communication. Given the intricacies of relationships, this is a skill that is acquired over time through trial and error. In a utopian world, the level of communication should increase the longer the relationship lasts. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, and there are relationships where couples just "tune out" after a certain number of years. ...
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