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The Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group

Be in one of the most highly rated industries for stability and success, the Kimpton Hotel offers a high quality services to everyone who wants an excellent rest. It is advantage is that the Kimpton Hotel can meet the requirement of wide audience. The high quality services are the main success factor. The core strategy is to maintain a friendly, fair, and creative environment, which respects the customers. However, more than ever, people need cozy places to spend a vacation, including the rich and famous or simple people who simply need to look their best in their favorite outfit. Another factor is a demand for hotel rooms which increased from by 3.1% in 1997-1998. Also, workability of business is explained by tourism popularity and increasing number of people traveling around the world. The Kimpton boutique Hotels are oriented on a specific customer target: "people who do like generic activities and Starbucks" (Case study). The Kimpton Hotels do not reduce costs as it can worsen quality of their services. Thus the core strategy is to deliver customer satisfaction and gaining customers loyalty; to maintain a friendly, fair, and creative environment, which respects the customers. The Kimpton boutique Hotels decided to expend geographically and looked for property in Seattle, Tacoma, Chicago, the Eastern Coast, etc. The Kimpton is a market leaders which 67% of the market share.
The Kimpton has a successful mix of tangible res ...
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The Kimpton Hotel is a family owned business which operates 23 boutique hotels and 24 restaurants. Workability of the Kimpton Boutiques Hotel is explained by its unique marketing strategy ("Mongoose strategy") which helps it to sustain string market position and increase market share.
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