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Shakespeare Explication

Their love can not be accepted by society, because the family has to approve it first. In this sense love is impossible and tragic. When lovers meet they can experience only "momentany" and momentary passions. Their encounters are short and painful, because they can not fully dedicate each other to the moment of pleasure. They are afraid that they might be seen or caught. That is why their union is "Swift as a shadow, short as any dream".
Love is the primary idea around which the play is built up and throughout the scenes we audience is presented with different forms of love. Love is arbitrary and irrational. Compassion and kindness can also inflame passions.
Where does this passage stand in the meaning of the whole scene 1 from Act 1. Lysander and Hermia are in love. However, her father Egeus is planning to marry his daughter to Demetrius and is very angry that she refuses. During scene 1 Lysander is trying to convince the public that he deserves Hermia and is equal to Demetrious. What is more he has true feelings to Hermia, whereas Demetrious had a recent affair with Helena. Regardless of his, Helena's tormented by love too, because Demetrious is indifferent to her. And in powerless attempt to win his love, Helena tells him about Hermia's and Demetrious plan to escape from Athens. ...
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The scene that I choose to explicate is said by Lysander in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Act 1, scene 1, 141 - 149. In this passage Lysander is debating about the nature of true love. Even if love emerges from mere "sympathy" or mutual understanding and desire, rather than family obligations and pressure, all possible disasters will happen to this person…
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