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Essay example - Managing Finance and Information

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The inputs of the information manager (IM) team at Jacobs Engineering are focused on effective design and evaluation of information flows through the systems application. The information inputs in the database are recognized and modeled according to the logical data modeling process currently in place with asserts that data values are continuous and present…

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In this manner, the knowledge base is transformed through the systems logical process modeling, which allows for data applications to be interoperable and interchangeable through the enterprise in a secure manner. The transformation process involves strategic security levels. This focuses on the logic linkages of data packets, for example, linking the engineering intellectual capital of suppliers to transform into composite information for product development. The transformation process is incremental to ensure that data maintains integrity and is validated throughout the process, with the goal of removing inconsistencies and promoting the business model.
Data outputs are organized based on system uses information already maintained by the company; however, the information requires a different method of storage and access. The data integrity validation system may require additional storage space to allow for the real-time job proofing that is an integral part of the system. The intellectual property received, transformed, and administered to the end user have increased dependence on electronic transmission of order information and therefore demand a greater degree of redundancy regarding the output infrastructure.
Monetary value fluctuates with the type of intellectual property or research data received, the transformation i ...
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