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The process of setting objectives goals and targets by divisions and branches would follow in a way that it dovetails with the overall company's objectives. While at the corporate level statements on medium and short term objectives will have an impressive ring, at unit level it would sound mundane and list would look like increase in deposits, increase of loans, growth in credit cards, increase in number of insurance policies and so on…

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The organization needs are that its services marketed, customers serviced and revenues earned. A units or divisions targets and objectives will be achieved by following a strategy and implementing it. How making the goals and objectives public will aid in this seems doubtful. At the most it may serve the overall objective of the company of being transparent in its dealings with its customers. Sharing company's objectives on issues like profitability may be even unwise.
At the operational level, customers would be more interested in the level of service he receives and the value he derives from his purchase of services. Information on targets and objectives will be irrelevant for the existing customer.
A new customer is unlikely to walk in after reading the objectives now made available to him, if at all in the first place he is induced to read it. Making the customers aware of the objectives is a subtle marketing exercise. If the manager in Thailand decides to target high net worth individuals and wants to add them to his account, surely the wrong thing to do would be to post it on the notice board.
An organizations strategic intent and image is better conveyed through its promotional efforts, especially if it has unique and differentiated services to offer ( ...
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