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Essay example - Interviews and Observations in Education

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This paper has a number of aims and objectives. First of all, in the first section, the writer must choose relevant interviews and observations to discuss within a paper of this magnitude. Next, there are a number of research methods that are commonly used within the education field, and the writer must clarify those and discuss them thoroughly with the reader.

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The objectives in the third section deal with the similarities and differences between the two methods: interviews and observations. First of all, through the process of reflecting on different research, the writer must determine how similar the two methods are. Next, also through the process of reflecting on real research, the writer must determine the main differences between both methods with regard to: sensory, and participation.
The aims of the fourth section deal with the different types of interviews and observations that can be conducted in different situations. First of all, the writer discusses both structured and unstructured interviews. Next the different ways of conducting observations in different places and for different purposes are discussed in detail.
Finally, the aims of the fifth section are mainly to sum up the research paper. In this section, the main points of the paper are summed up and the main points drawn from the use of interviews and observations are discussed. Also, some recommendations for researchers in the field of education for the best use of data collection methods according to the different purposes of the research are included.
The interviews and observations that were chosen for the purposes of this paper were selected based on their academic quality and overall relevance to the topic. ...
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