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ASSIGNMENTbiologychemical and cellular foundations of life - Essay Example

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ASSIGNMENTbiologychemical and cellular foundations of life

, thus "passive" whereas in In active transport it is possible to go against the concentration gradient and an external source of energy like ATP is required to move the carrier and its materials thus, "active"

3a i
A. Connective tissue
B. Ciliated epithelium
C. Columnar epithelium
A. Connective tissue joints bone with muscles
B. Ciliated epithelium forms lining of the respiratory
C. Columnar epithelium forms lining of the digestive track.
B i and ii
The primary function of Connective tissues is to connect and join different organs.
Ciliated epithelium tissue has cilia which helps cleaning the surface and restrict settlement of microorganism on to the surface.
Columnar epithelium having a appendages called microvilli which helps in smooth movement of food particles in intestine.

Ribbon shape structure.
It is a linear chain of amino acids.

X- beta sheets
Y-alpha helix
Hydrogen bonds
Tertiary structure is responsible for formation of active site for lysozyme, the site responsible for the enzyme catalysis.
i. Glucose

ii.a triglycride

iii. an amino acid

Simple sugar has aldehyde and ketone whereas Triglyceride contains fatty acids and glycerol . Amino acids possess carboxyl and amino groups.
Uracil is present in RNA whereas Thymine is present in DNA.
Mitosis and Meiosis.
Growth= Mitosis
Reproduction = Meiosis
During fertilization two cells are combine and forms zygot. Number of chromosome should be maintain 2n and that's why It is necessary for reduce chromosome number to n fro 2n during gamete formation.
G1 phase,
S or synthesis phase, and
G2 phase.
G1 phase: The first phase within interphase, from the end of the previous M phase till the beginning of DNA synthesis is...
The hydrophobic domain consists of one, multiple, or a combination of -helices and sheet protein motifs.
Most of the biological molecules are either larger in size or having definite charges on it. Hence The plasma membrane is non permeable to it. lipid bilayer is permeable only to water molecules and a few other small, uncharged, molecules like oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). These diffuse freely in and out of the cell.
Passive transport involves carriers, channels, or direct diffusion through a membrane. This type of transport always operates from regions of greater concentration to regions of lesser concentration. No external source of energy is required, thus "passive" whereas in In active transport it is possible to go against the concentration gradient and an external source of energy like ATP is required to move the carrier and its materials thus, "active"
G1 phase: The first phase within interphase, from the end of the previous M phase till the beginning of DNA synthesis is called G1 (G indicating gap or growth). ...Show more


Mitochondria possess size ranging from 0.5 micrometer (0.00005 in) to 1 micrometer (0.0001 in) in length. Therefore, it cannot be viewed under an ordinary microscope due to its limitation in resolving power. Electron microscopes have much greater resolving power than light microscopes and can obtain much higher magnifications.
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ASSIGNMENTbiologychemical and cellular foundations of life essay example
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