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Case Study example - Inside's Coke's Diversity Story

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Case Study
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The Cocoa Cola company has a history that spans two centuries both at US and abroad. The company has expanded all over the globe. Controversies surrounded its operations even from the time when the product was sold from the counter for the first time. The flow of events in this study begins with a law suit filed for discrimination at Atlanta by three coloured employees namely Linda Ingram, Kimberly Gray Orton and Elvenyia Barton-Gibson…

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Discrimination on the basis of color and gender is not new to the U.S. But laws and social feeling has contributed much to see that racial discrimination is non existent at least in the near future. This is a care where the Judiciary directed and supervised the erring company to make amends and diversify its policies to end discrimination.
The law suit Ingram, et al. v. The Coca-Cola Company (Case No. 1-98-CV-3679 (RWS) was filed by the plaintiffs for "Four named plaintiffs, (Linda Ingram, Kimberly Gray Orton and Elvenyia Barton-Gibson.), represented a class of 2200 current and former salaried, African-American employees of Coca-Cola in this class action filed April 1999 in the Northern District of Georgia. The case involved race discrimination in promotions, compensation and evaluations. Among other things, the plaintiffs alleged a substantial difference in pay between African-American and white employees; a "glass ceiling" that kept African-Americans from advancing past entry-level management positions; "glass walls" that channeled African-Americans to management in areas like human resources and away from power centers such as marketing and finance; and senior management knowledge of these problems since 1995 and a failure to remedy them."1i
The allegation was that there was ...
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