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Iron Deficiency Anemia

The article encompasses information about causes, symptoms and treating iron deficiency anemia.
The body needs iron to make hemoglobin, the most important component of the red blood cells. Insufficient supply of iron limits the production of hemoglobin, which in turn affects the production of red blood cells (RBCs). This decreased amount of hemoglobin and RBCs in the bloodstream is known as anemia. Since, RBCs are needed to carry oxygen throughout the body, anemia results in less oxygen reaching the cells and tissues, affecting their function (AMAG Pharmaceuticals).
Iron-deficiency anemia (IDA), often caused by inadequate iron ingestion. It is the major cause of anemia in childhood. Iron-fortified infant formulas and cereals have substituted the iron requirement in infants of United States (American Reagent).
IDA or Iron-deficiency anemia doesn't develop instantly, but, a person develops through stages of iron deficiency, beginning with iron diminution, in which the amount of iron in the body is reduced while the iron in RBCs remains constant, persistence of this leads to progression of iron deficiency, ultimately leading to IDA. This is because the red blood cells will have less hemoglobin than normal (AMAG Pharmaceuticals,).
Iron-deficiency anemia is a resultant of several factors, encompassing- insufficient iron in the diet, poor absorption of iron by t ...
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The most common cause of anemia reported in United States is caused by iron deficiency, indicating that body does not have enough iron. This deficiency can be overcome by good iron intake either by eating a healthy diet, taking iron pills and possibly receiving iron injections encompassing iron shots, IV iron, parenteral iron or IM iron…
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