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Countries Cooperation

This is the subject matter of this study where we examine the possibility of the world uniting to ensure global warming is slowed down.
The ancient individuals realized this need to protect their resources as they new that overuse would lead to extinction which would obviously lead to the suffering of the entire society. A study of the ancient African nations shows that the societies would circle their fields and ensure that these areas were only used by the members of that particular area. This was one way of ensuring that their resources were safeguarded against misuse by the other societies. Having ensured that the societies safeguarded their resources which at the time included grazing land and water resources, there was need to ensure that the members of society properly utilized their resources with every member being mindful of the other.
This again led to the societal definition of the use of property to ensure that the resources lasted long enough to meet the individual requirement. The need necessitated control of possessions by controlling the number of cattle that an individual owned. The need for an individual to own additional cattle was subject to discussion by the rest of the community. The individual it should be noted was only allowed to own additional cattle if the environment could cater for the additional cattle. ...
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The essence of cooperation in the world is necessitated by several factors which require world dwellers to have some basic concern for each other. Cooperation is needed for the good of every citizen in the world as the resources present are too scarce to be utilized to an individual's satisfaction…
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