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Human Resource Management: tourism industry

The main objective of hospitality and tourism operators is to maintain the level of service quality and develop strategies to improve their services (Bardi, 2002).
Service quality is closely connected with Human Resource Management (HRM) and concepts and methods it employs. In literature there was a debate concerning the effectiveness of different approaches in hotel and tourism industries and their impact on service quality improvement. In general, the concept of resource-based strategic HRM is founded on the belief expressed by Hamel and Prahalad (1990) that competitive advantage is obtained if a firm can obtain and develop human resources which enable it to learn faster and apply its learning more effectively than its rivals. Resource-based strategy indicates, can develop strategic capability. The strategic goal will be to 'create firms which are more intelligent and flexible than their competitors' by hiring and developing more talented staff and by extending their skills base (DeFranco, Noriega, 1999).
A convincing rationale for resource-based strategy has been produced by Grant: "When the external environment is in a state of flux, the firm's own resources and capabilities may be a much more stable basis on whic ...
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Today, hotel and tourism industry is one of dynamic branches of hospitality and tourism economy. It is the growing industry in the UK and around the world. The development of hospitality and tourism industries is a present day need. High rates of its development, great volumes of currency receipts have an active influence on various sectors of economy that promotes formation of hotel and tourism industries.
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