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Microsoft Apple Case

Special tools were needed to get into the backs of the computers and it was expensive to fix anything wrong with the PC. Although Steve Jobs had a great plan and computers that were technologically advanced, his competitors soon caught up with him and produced cheaper PC's that ran smoothly and had more versatile programming.
Question 2: Apple made some poor decisions as far as money goes and that had a great deal to do with the profit loss they experienced. Microsoft on the other hand invested their money in money market accounts, which with a return of 1 percent helped the company keep making money outside of its programming. Microsoft currently has more cash than any other non finance company and is now experiencing even bigger returns (Bass). Although Microsoft doesn't sell PC's it has made software that companies desire to put into their systems. In fact they have made the market need these products installed on their computers. Microsoft made operating systems that people wanted, they were easy to use, contained everything they needed and were all in one box. So not only does Microsoft have a steady cash flow from investments, it is also making gains on its Windows products as well. ...
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Question 1: With Steve Jobs at the forefront of computer technology with Apple, people felt that the world of PC computers would skyrocket. Jobs had a lot of the right ideas and unarguably had a great vision for what level his computers should be run at but it didn't take long for other companies to catch up to Jobs and overrun him with cheaper prices and better machines…
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