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Essay example - Political Environment Case Study Analysis

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This paper is an analysis of the case study found in the book Criminal Justice Organizations by Stojkovic, Kalinich, & Klofas, (2003) entitled "Time to Dig Out". This analysis discusses the possible supporters for the reduction of funds for correctional facilities, the possible outcome of the reduction these funds, the changes that this issue has brought to the Criminal Justice System, and the options the correction has in line with these changes.

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Most likely, higher education organizations such as the NEA (National Education Association) will support the reduction. The different student organizations from state colleges and universities will possibly join as well. Individuals from working-class families or those who are supporting themselves while studying can also form a large number when they unify their support. Apart from higher education, the supporters of mental health programs are also getting worried; they say that neglecting mental health programs in favor of improving correctional facilities will just cause increase in inmate population in the long run. Among the possible supporters are NMHA (National Mental Health Association), AMHA (American Mental Health Association), NASMHPD (National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors). There are also other organizations who believe that more of the budget must be allotted to infrastructure, social centers, daycare centers, hospitals, etc. These are the infrastructure organizations such as the American Hospital Association. Political advocacy groups are also potential supporters. ...
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