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International Youth Forum

We are expecting to have an average of 800 audiences per day. The charges for the tickets will be collected on the days of the show.
The speakers have agreed to receive 50 percent of their fees right after the programme and the remaining after 45 days. The speakers are professionals and some of them are from different parts of the world. Their fee varies from 3,200 to 6,800 per day.
The artists belong to a single agency that has agreed to charge a lump sum fee for the entire programme. The agency promotes art derived from various cultures in the world. Due to the close connection between our motives, it has agreed to provide us a discount.
A local restaurant owner has volunteered to take care of the brunch arrangements. He has provided an estimation of 14.55 per plate. The payment for the brunch will partly be paid after 30 days of the programme.
A situation where the actual income would be less than the expected income by more than twenty five percent has been considered. In such a situation, the Foundation can recover the difference by conducting a Fund Raising Show. The artists' agency that has agreed to perform in the Forum has also volunteered to work hand-in-hand with the Foundation in the future.
The Foundation also intends to encourage the youngsters participating in the Forum to promote the Foundation's activities in their countries. ...
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Our aim has always been to foster tolerance and understanding among the different nations in the world. In order to promote our philosophy and to ensure that it reaches different parts of the world, we are planning to organize an International Youth Forum in July 2010.
Author : jamisonmills

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