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Law School Personal Statement

Boredom never struck me in those days as I was ardently listening my professor's lectures. Almost all the words he spoke were bits of very useful information and wisdom in my ears. Having the chance to read formal casebooks, I further studied controversial and popular legal cases. I also read books that teach techniques on how to settle disputes and to win negotiations. I also learned how to defend my future clients by applying what my instructors thought me. At this time, I felt that there was no holding back; I had to enrol in a prestigious law school or suffer a lifetime full of regret and sorrow.
However, as in any pursuits in life, trials nearly doomed my envisioned vocation. While attending my undergraduate studies, I have faced numerous obstacles and challenges. In 2004, my aunt and ten-year-old cousin died unexpectedly. In 2005, I lost a close friend due to skin cancer. Also in that same year misfortune further struck as my uncle died a heart attack. A few months later, my father was severely injured while attempting to fix a machine at his work, leaving him partially disabled.
All of these incidents profoundly affected my life. They impaired my focus and enthusiasm not only in my personal but also in my academic life, causing me to nearly give up and forget about my ambition. ...
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I have always been interested in taking up law as my career. Since my teenage days, I recognized that I have what it takes to be a lawyer. When I was in high school, I actively participated in mock trials. Perhaps due to my flair for debates, I assumed the role of the prosecuting attorney for two years…
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