Features of National Health Service

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With chalking the core skills and services provided by the Physicians need is felt to steps to be taken for the future of the profession (Golledge, 1998; Brown and Greenwood, 1999). The part two of the article indicates towards the multidimensional duties of the of formulating a credible information database for the new comers and developing a see of a standard ethical codes which can be helpful in understanding and serving the needs of patients.


In a study conducted by (Taylor, Ellis, & Gallagho 2002) the scope of telephonic advice to patients was examined. It was found that the patients were very much satisfied with the advice given to them, this not only helped the patients but also helped the management in managing the primary care workload.
In the same way the internet presence of NHS in shape of NHS Direct also enabled the physicians to educate their patients about their treatment, do's and don'ts and their diet schedule in a more effective, consistent and timely manner. NHS Direct also helped the physicians to consolidate their relationships with other institutions in order to share their ideas about different discoveries and enhancements in their related field. This process is under way in some parts of the world. Williams & Ropert, (2004) under taken a project in the Universities of Australia and Philadelphia in which eighty-four students were brought together, The main purpose of the project was to determine whether Internet is an effective tool in exchanging ideas and discoveries in a useful manner. ...
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