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Final Case Study

For his first year at a preschool that uses reverse mainstreaming that will let Dennis interact and learn with typically developing children, the following IEP objectives and corresponding supports are proposed:
Supports: As Dennis enters his preschool years, his PWS would be evident with apparent obesity if not controlled and monitored. It is therefore necessary that his nutritional and dietary needs be given attention. It must be noted that his entry into preschool was characterized by the absence of a comprehensive dietary and medical evaluation which should be produced if his IEP is to be a success. The parents, teachers and other school personnel (those who are in charge of preparation of snacks for example) must have this evaluation before he starts his school year. Calorie intake especially carbohydrates must be limited because those children with PWS need less than typically growing children. During snack times, the teacher in cooperation with the school dietitian should modify his food, allowing for prescribed caloric intake according to his nutritional evaluation. His physical development throughout the year should be monitored throughout the year, looking out for the proper balance between height and weight.
Supports: It must be noted that Dennis from the 45-minute observation that he ...
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Pre-schooler Dennis Landry's Individual Education Program primarily should deal with letting Dennis cope and develop as much as his typically developing peers by controlling for the effects of his disability, Prader-Willi Syndrome. As there is no cure yet that will entirely treat PWS, the management of its symptoms through moderation or limitation is the goal for IEP…
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