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Book Report/Review example - Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss

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Book Report/Review
Pages 3 (753 words)
The book Million Dollar Consulting provides deep and comprehensive analysis of consulting practices and gives practical advice to everyone involved in this sphere. Modern consultancies are supporters of change, who must adapt their service, consultancy methodology and interaction with other innovation agents to match client needs…

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Client relations are dominated by the consulting sector. As client needs for specialist advice change, so does the nature of consultancy, and it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish between overlapping old and new requirements. A chief concern in human relations is to understand the visible and hidden selves of clients. Employees tend to judge as unacceptable behavior that deviates or appears to deviate from their own adopted norms. Very often, consultants do not take into account the role of clients' value and their loyalty. Alan Weiss underlines the importance of these concepts and their impact on effective performance. Client's value is much more important to clients and managers than previously imagined. With rising client expectations and legal requirements for better quality, clients are loyal only as long as the firm provides the best value. Statistically-based value management processes provide the only systematic way to continuously improve relative value (and cost) positions and thus recapture market share. Since many clients now count time rather than dollar cost as their most precious asset, a high-quality strategy provides little competitive advantage unless it is paired with low cost (i.e., low price and/or sacrifice reduction). ...
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