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Essay example - BHS 328 Team Building (Mod 3 CBA)

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The paper refers to Books4Us, a fictional organization, which has a Marketing Department where there is less input from the employee's side during the decision making process and since this is not a healthy environment, participative management will be introduced so that employees are empowered to take decisions on their own.

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In recent years, there has been a growing number of organizations that focus on delegating power to employees to make decisions since it warrants an environment where everyone can give their opinion and this not only enhances the creativity of an individual, it also increases the sense of ownership. In Books4Us, there is a concept of authoritative management which requires that every employee needs to ask his/her manager for making decisions which hampers him/her from taking any risk and thinking out-of-the box. Due to stiff competition, the organization needs innovation ideas to capture the market share but due to low level of empowerment, employees rely on their managers to give them instructions for each task regardless of its complexity and novelty. An Open Book Management culture will encourage employees to study the external environment and leverage the strengths of the organization to avail the opportunities at hand.
Moreover, delegating authority to employees helps in building trust between the employee and his superior since the employee senses that he is trusted with the job therefore he strives to his best capability and this results in a higher-level of motivation.
Lack of empowerment has resulted in lack of sh ...
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