Role of the Presidency from 1865 to 1940

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This paper will detail the role of the presidency from1865 to 1940. More specifically it will examine if the presidency fulfilled its function that the framers of the Constitution expected it to serve. In order to answer this question with any degree of accuracy the question must fully be understood.


The Constitution sets forth the president's roles as the following:
After careful consideration of the president's roles and functions set forth in the Constitution and the history record during 1865 to 1940 I conclude yes. I believe the role of the presidency was fulfilled as the forefathers of the Constitution intended for the following reasons encompassed in the discussion.
Scarcely had Washington been inaugurated when an extra constitutional attribute of the presidency became apparent. (Ayers, Gould, Oshinsky and Soderlund. 2004) Essentially, the presidency is dual in character and that must be taken into consideration when considering the time periods of the presidency that are being discussed.
is another important point that needs to be considered. The reason is that it sets the background and establishes the attitudes of the framers of the Constitution. This significant point is that through centuries of constitutional turmoil and struggle between the crown and Parliament, England had divided the two offices. When they did this they separated the power as well. They gave the prime minister the role of running the government and leaving the formal and ceremonial responsibilities of leadership to the monarch. This is significant to the discussion for several reasons.
After this took place i ...
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