Environmental and Access Issues in Outdoor Adventure

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Outdoor trips and activities are important to interact with nature. Most of the schools, colleges, universities and leisure services associations are planning different programs to let the students and other people know about the environment and nature. These programs not only enhance our knowledge but also help us in developing a sense to protect the natural resources.


Human interest in nature, as recorded back in history, helped in discovering many wonderful facts. We have discovered many natural processes which we were unaware of in the past. Yet a lot has to be discovered. Researchers gave their valuable time and lives for the sake of the facts about nature. They tried harder and harder to be as close to the nature as they can. And they are noticeably successful. They provided us with the knowledge of environmental change. They gave us information about the unpredictable weather changes and tried to solve this and many other issues like to measure the intensity of natural disasters etc. The questions arise, how did they find out such problems What made them think about these problems Did they find any solution What problems did they face while researching
A person who asks these questions is a researcher. The curiosity to find out the answers led them to eradicate the hurdles in their way. They had an aim to come up with something new, some new ideas, information, data or discovery.
There are many environmental issues to be solved and to protect the natural resources in the world as these natural resources after a time will vanish from the world. ...
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