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Essay example - New Legislation Gives More Teeth to Corporate Manslaughter Law in UK

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According to International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates, 2 million people worldwide die at work each year as a result of the failure of company managers to secure the workplace against hazardous and unsafe conditions. In industrial relations, this has come to be known as "corporate manslaughter," which occurs when a workingman's death is caused by gross negligence or failure of management to introduce and maintain basic safety standards…

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This used to be the case in UK where organized labor and other concerned sectors had for many years railed against the growing number of deaths at work in which nobody gets the blame and receives the appropriate penalty.
In 2003, the country's Trade Union Congress (TUC) noted that 10,000 Britons die at work each year, or one for every single hour. The report said in 2002 alone, 249 workers and 384 innocent bystanders were killed in workplace incidents, with 4,000 more dying from asbestos-related diseases and 6,000 from other occupational illnesses9. Media likewise estimated that over 40,000 people in UK had been killed in commercially related circumstances between 1966 and 200610, but under the old common law of manslaughter, only 34 companies were prosecuted for homicide and only seven resulted in convictions.
The old laws such as the law of gross negligence treated work-related deaths like common crimes, which seldom gave justice to the victims because of the inherent difficulty of pinpointing blame in a corporate setting. Under this common-law crime of manslaughter, government solicitors prosecuted erring firms in many celebrated cases but failed. ...
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