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My work as an accountant offers lot of opportunities and brings lot of challenges as well. I believe that success is invisible, it does not necessarily shows but it is a feeling by the person involved. One may not be successful for the eyes of others, but may feel that way personally. The experiences I gained through my years of service from various businesses were enough contribution for my own professional and personal success. Professionally, my job requires extensive effort to fight my way through better opportunities and more challenges.
I consider meeting success beginning from the time I was able to accomplished my course in a satisfactory level, and achieve my certificate for Certified Investments & Derivatives Auditor. My profession demands high level capacity for different functions and requires superb output as well. It is already a feeling for me that I am in the right track in the road of success. The skills and knowledge that I gained from my past to present work experiences, aid in improving my full potential and journey towards continual improvement. Personally, my profession shaped me to become a person of integrity. Performing my duties with utmost class and without any adversative effect to my job interest and to the company is already one big success for me.
I believe that pursuit for success should not stop and the drive to achieve it continually should remain. ...
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Success for me personally comes in various forms. It can pertain to success in ones' work, family, friends, health or any undertakings that a person have. It can be viewed in different perspectives and may have contextual meaning for different individuals, taking into account their personal attributes…
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