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As gasoline prices rise, and customers become more concerned about the environment, vehicle manufacturers are finding a demand for more fuel-efficient cars. The new product paradigm is based on combining technologies so that vehicles use a less expensive and more environmentally friendly way to operate. These new technologies include burning fuels such as alcohol or hydrogen, or combine the use of…
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ALDI can therefore be seen as facing the problem of determining the proper avenues for continuously attracting these decision-makers. This is compounded by the fact that Australia's socio-demographic composition is increasingly becoming diverse due to migration of Asian nationalities to study and to work in this highly developed nation.…
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In the wake of these corporate failures, basic principles and rules are being reviewed and strengthened in order to reinstall investor confidence. At the heart of these corporate governance reforms is the common interest in the effectiveness of boards of directors. Corporate governance codes, experts and activists have long advocated changes in the board structure. As a result of the successful…
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The approach used by Reiss in order to explain the conditions related with subprime lending is based on the extensive use of this type of lending specifically in mortgages.…
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According to Beecroft, Kunzman, & Krozek, 2001 new graduate nurse turnover rates of 35% to 60% within the first year of employment. According to Halfer (2006) this high turnover rate has substantial financial and emotional costs. A nurse with less than 1 year of tenure represents the loss of approximately $40,000 in employer hiring and orientation expenses. Turnover affects new graduates…
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As Davies and Ellies (2006) puts it tax subsidies are directly contingent on the multinational enterprise (MNE) satisfying various performance (PRs). Multinational enterprises may be allowed tax credits on the condition that they create at least 50 new jobs per year, that they export at least 70% of their output and that they maintain environmental protection and many others.…
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