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Choose one of the main characters (Bone, Anney or Daddy Glenn) from Bastard out of Carolina (Allison, 1993). Discuss the Axis I and Axis II disorders of mental health that this individual might meet the criteria for, either at the time of the "case" or in the future…

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The most common type of disorder the character "Bone" had; cognitive disorder, development disorder, mood disorder and schizophrenia, Major mental disorders, and learning disabilities; depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, ADHD.
Clinical disorder: clinical disorder faced by the character Bone, due to her birth certificate stamped with the word "llegitimate". For no apparent reason, Bone's step father will see fit to drag Bone into the bathroom and flog her degradingly. Though Anney knows about this, she loves Glen too much to leave him. Bone used to sit quietly and did not pay attention to what she is doing. She got the symptoms of;
Anxiety dosorder: anxiety disorder takes place to Bone, when Glenn literally beats her bloody, gets on top of her, and then rapes her. And even after Anney catches him red-handed, she still chooses him over her child, the very girl who promised she would never hate her own mother. For this reason, Bone felt depersonalization anxiety and depression. She could have diminished ability to experience pleasure. She started avoidance of activities, places and persons. She had a fear of being trapped and stranded without help. This situation might lead to panic attack.
Panic attack: this might attack Bone because of overwhelming fear and anxiety. The reason for this was intense and sexual abuse by her step father. Glen treats her like a trash. ...
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