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On March 12th, 1947, President Harry Truman addressed the Congress on a matter which changed America's foreign policy completely. Previously the United States had always preferred to be uninvolved in other countries internal affairs - an isolationist policy1…

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Greece and Turkey, formerly assisted by Britain, now found themselves about to be cut loose. The retreating Germans left Greece extremely crippled, destroying all the communications systems, sinking 90 % of the merchant marine, and burning around a thousand villages to the ground2. The Greek government found themselves left with a failing country, whose people were dying of malnourishment, and they had no supplies or the means to obtain those supplies to aid the people. In fact, even prior to the war, Greece was only able to provide enough for the country through massive imports. After the war, there was nothing but devastation.
In addition, during the war, the country had been subjected to several guerrilla attacks, and these continued afterwards as well. The movement was predominantly Communist -led and after some protracted discussion, the communist -led EAM movement was allowed a few seats in government. However, this did not work out as hoped, and over the next few years, Greece fell into political instability, which, Britain and the U.S. felt was mainly, the responsibility of the communists. ...
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