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Banishing tobacco: How to Quit Smoking

It may be your health. You may want to rid yourself of the tobacco habit because of your loved ones or simply because of the cost. List every reason. If you have attempted to quit multiple times renew your list of reasons and make a list of what went wrong with your previous attempts. The reasons you failed are called triggers and if you know what these are, you can avoid them. Did you start again because you were at a place where people were smoking such as a bar Did a stressful situation arise Obviously, this calls for a bit of self-reflection but if you really want to quit for good you need to do this. Forewarned is forearmed.
Set a date and a time to quit. Be specific. Tell yourself, "At seven pm on March 18, 2006, I am going to quit smoking and not pick up another cigarette." This is also a form of preparation. Even if you quit "cold turkey" setting a time will allow you time to psychologically prepare to deal with the cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
Drink plenty of water. Doctors have been telling us for years to drink at least eight glasses of water a day and it is good advice. Water cleanses the body of impurities including the tars and nicotine accumulated in your years of smoking.
Get support from your friends and family. This is especially important if they are smokers. Ask them not to smoke in your house or car. ...
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You've decided to quit smoking. Maybe this is your first attempt. It may be your fifth try at banishing the evil weed. If you have tried to quit before, you know just how difficult it is. Nicotine is a very addictive drug. The Center for Disease Control estimates that most people attempt to quit a minimum of two times…
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