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Theorists Choice between Prioritism and Sufficientarism

There is also the aspect of taking positions that are quite inadequate. It is important that clear distinctions be carried out as these will greatly help to have an apparent view on the whole issue or topic. Sen is very firm about normative and substantive claims. There is however the avoiding of the entire commitment to the justice theory. Considering the theories, there is expression of scepticism on the issue of proritism. There needs to be a choice between prioritism and sufficientarism because this will greatly help erase ambiguities that exist among theorists. (Roemer, 1996)
There are views that actually emerge as criticisms to other theorist. Looking at theorists work there needs to be a choice between sufficientarism and prioritism because there needs to be some measure of one's condition which is relevant to the entire allocation of alterable aspects. This is in line with the theorist of justice. This is because an issue like justice requires equality. In this case when a choice is made then one can easily determine whether there are unequal or equal conditions in a circumstance.
The reason as to why theorists need to choose between prioritism and sufficientarism is because these two aspects are always in conflict. Among theorists there is great formulation of sufficientarism as a claim of identity. On the other hand, this aspect is not seen as a claim virtue. ...
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There are so many theorists all over the world that deal with various issues in the society. There is psychology, philosophy and also science based theorists who have been there since long time ago. This paper is dealing with theorists choosing between sifficientarism and prioritism…
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