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m&s clothing business report

The implication here is that if Marks and Spencer were not attempting to reach out to the more fashion-conscious consumer, its primary competitors would be BHS and Evans. The fact is, however, that the company is trying to reach beyond that particular market as evidenced in the fact that it has hired new designers and has development new fashion lines which target the younger generation of male and female adult fashion consumers (Marks and Spencer, 2007).
Within the context of the above stated, Marks and Spencer's primary competitors are Next, Topshop and Gap. These three command the lion's share of the fashion-conscious, working adult clothing market for two reasons. They provide quality clothing at reasonable prices and are perceived of as trendy and fashionable (Marks and Spencer, 2007). Marks and Spencer may be recognised for the first but definitely not for the second. The implication here is that it stands in a weak position vis--vis its primary competitors, largely because of market perceptions.
As indicated in the above, Marks and Spencer faces two types of competitors. The first type, related to the older generation fashion market, is comprised of Evans and BHS. ...
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Largely perceived of as outdated by the younger generation of working adults, Marks and Spencer faces stiff competition from a number of high street fashion outlets. Prior to identifying its main competitors, however, it is necessary to explain market perceptions of Marks and Spencer.
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