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He never really knew it was her and didn't even have time to scream or shout. It had been over in seconds. Now she had to play the part of the grieving widow, not so much for the police as the case was closed but for the insurance company. They would have to pay up soon. Her lawyer told her than she should her that six-zero check by the end of the week.
The check was in her hand. Everything had gone according to plan. She almost felt sorry for Harry. He had truly believed that she loved him. That was rather nave on his part as nobody in their right mind could ever believe that someone like her could fall for someone like him. She's played the part right, though, and convinced him just as she convinced everybody else.
Harry had been her second check. Different names and different cities. She was now keeping her eyes open for the third check. A bookish, geeky, awkward man. That was her speciality. They fell for her, of course, just like a tonne of bricks. They invariably proposed and she accepted. Six months into the marriage she would suggest that they take out insurance policies on each other. They'd agree, never suspecting. that by signing the insurance policies, they were really signing their death certificates.
She'd just deposited her insurance check. ...
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The case was closed. The police had had their suspicions and Detective Greene had come very close to accusing her outright but, in the end, they had been unable to prove anything. At the inquest, the death had been ruled "accidental," and the newspapers had called it an "unfortunate hiking accident." He had lost his footing and fallen off the cliff, right down to the rocky terrain below…
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