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The 60s and American Society

As the current Vice President to outgoing President Dwight Eisenhower, Nixon would have gained some sense of what the job would entail and would wish to have the office for him, so that he would be able to enact his own vision for the American people moving forward. As the young Senator from Massachusetts and a member of one of the more prominent families in the United States at the time, John Kennedy would ultimately be guided by a desire for public service and a quest to help the average American. This would prove to be a crucial election for many reasons, some yet to be seen at this point in time. The ultimate outcome would see Kennedy overcome the opposition from Richard Nixon and be able to move on to the White House in January 1961.
Each political party would profess views for the betterment of the American public and the national ideals, with each differing in points and desired execution. With regard to the Republican Party, "Through the 1960s the emergent conservative wing, first witnessed in Barry Goldwater's 1964 candidacy, began to push out liberal Republicans," ("Profile", p.1). A political group that would, in many ways, wish to define themselves as a party that sought to protect conservative values and ideals. ...
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Throughout history, there have been many points in time that have defined the era and impacted those who resided within the general populous. One such period in time, would be the decade of the 1960's. A period that would see the election of a young President, the civil rights movement and the subsequent events that would, in many ways, shape the landscape for future generations to come…
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