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To have absolute power is to master the circumstance and all it encompasses. Zeus, the recently appointed God of all Gods, reigns supreme over the lands of man and is quick to punish those who defy him.


When asked Prometheus denied Zeus the information he held regarding who it would be that threatened the throne of Zeus, so as punishment he was bound by shackles to a great rock. In Prometheus Bound (n.d.), Prometheus must come to terms with his own limitations in power, but demonstrates that Zeus has limits as well. Prometheus was a god, but felt he had little influence in the matters of the Gods. Prometheus, known as the teacher of all arts, suffered at least partially because of his aid to humankind. Prometheus was fond of humans and, wishing them to flourish, took fire from the gods and gave it to the people. The fact that Prometheus cared deeply about the human race was in strong contrast to how Zeus felt, and was a main point of disagreement between the two. Prometheus described Zeus’s feelings toward humankind when he stated, “It was his wish to wipe out man [sic] and rear another race” (Aeschylus 6}. For this reason, Prometheus defied the divinity and superior knowledge of Zeus. If Prometheus were given absolute power, he would be ensured that tyranny would fall and justice reign supreme over the gods and the human race. ...
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