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Literature's Power To Tell History

Written works that can be preserved through the ages and as such are able to be placed in the hands of countless people, all the while giving each and everyone an image(s) that will, in one way or another, cement for them in their mind an idea(s) that would have seemed to be improbable to them had they not have read what it was they read at the time that they had done so.
As journalists, this task remains in the forefront of importance when it comes to the production of articles on issues pertaining to human interest and relevance. From a journalistic standpoint, the work of John Hersey remained true to the central role of that which a journalist is intended to do. Another figure to consider is that of Tom Wolfe, who also was a journalist during his career. ...
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Since the beginning of time, civilizations have relied upon the power of the written word as it comes to documenting events that have occurred throughout history. The usage of such words that seek to give the reader the distinct visual of a time or place that they may not have been able to witness themselves…
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