Renewable EnergyExplore the United States history of renewable energy, where the country stands currently and its future outlook. Examine the problems with re

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Energy produced from resources that are constantly replaced, such as biomass (i.e., wood, vegetable matter, trash, etc.), solar radiation, the wind, water, or heat from the Earth's interior, tides and using certain technology, nuclear radiation. These energy sources are "renewed" as we use them.


Though there is no shortage of any non-renewable fuel, critics of their use point out that it is logically possible to use up nonrenewable fuels" (Pimental,, 1994, pg. 1).
If something does not change, the United States has the potential to encounter serious energy shortages before too long. The purpose of this paper is to explore the United States' history of renewable energy, where the country stands currently, its future outlook, implement current government issues and social issues on the topic, and to examine the problems with renewable energy (National Center for Policy Analysis Idea House, 2008).
Water-powered systems have been used for centuries. Today, water power is used mainly to generate electricity. "For many centuries, wind power like water power has provided energy to pump water and run mills and other machines. In rural America windmills have been used to generate electricity since the early 1900s" (Pimental,, 1994, pg. 1).
Harvested from forests, biomass energy currently provides the United States with 4.2% of its energy supply. It is used even more prominently in other countries, especially developing countries. The sun's energy is converted into heat through solar thermal energy systems and then is used in houses, in different industrial settings, and to generate electricity. ...
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