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Essay example - Victoria Kite Company

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More intense rivalry among competitors, technological innovation, and the rapid integration of markets to become a single global village primarily spurred developments in the operations of business organizations. These factors created multi-faceted changes in the different functional areas of companies especially in the way they manufacture the products and commodities they offer to customers.

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Thus, the JIT philosophy is an elimination of non-value adding activities in the company's supply chain to boost manufacturing efficiency, driving down cost, and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction by driving down prices of commodities.
This report will look at the feasibility and compatibility of this system to the company's current operations. Since these factors can be best measured quantitatively, this report will present a master budget utilizing the company's assumptions. Part 1 will provide the schedule of Victoria Kite's sales budget, cash collections, purchases budget and disbursements. The next part looks at the impacts of JIT to the company's financial performance by providing a pro-forma income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet for the first quarter of 2005.
The financial statements presented in Exhibits 1-3 shows that JIT will bring in profits and incremental shareholder ...
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