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After the tan lines have aded

Cancer is probably the most alarming illness that can claim thousands of lives in just a year. While some may be cured with the use of the latest technologies, others are just too severe that several treatments are not an assurance that a person will be able to live a normal life after undergoing a number of therapies and medicine intakes. So, should indoor tanning be banned for minorsThere are several factors which contribute to having a skin cancer and perhaps the most common and well known cause of it is too much exposure in the sun. It is not new to almost everyone that the sun's ray is at its strongest from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM so it is advisable that if one is going to go outside between the said periods of time, it is recommended to apply sunscreen, wear a hat or even sun glasses to protect the eyes. Nevertheless, in a recent survey conducted by American Academy of Dermatology, over 10,000 young people ages 12-18 from all 50 states, found that the use of sunscreen on sunny days was practiced by only 34.4 percent. The said survey also discovered that natural sunlight wasn't the only significant source of UV exposure for teens nowadays. Approximately 10 percent of teens had used tanning beds. ( is "IN", or so what these teens thought. And who does not want a sun-kissed look everyday The look of summer never fails to leave a sexy impression on almost everyone that girls of any age would do almost anything just to get that "just got from the beach" look. Almost any thing that they are even willing to take their lives is at risk. ...
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Cancer is the most alarming illness that can claim thousands of lives in just a year.While some may be cured with the use of the latest technologies,others are just too severe that several treatments are not an assurance that a person will live a normal life …
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