Gender diferences

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Gender differences determine relations between individuals and their behavior patterns. Most of the papers identify the experience of relationships, and the need to be connected to others, as important elements in personality. The development of a mature capacity for relationship is a process parallel to, and equal with, the development of the capacity for a separate, autonomous identity.


The topic selected is Punishment Worse than the Crime Two sociological perspectives used for analysis are cross-cultural variation and psychological development.
Kimmel explains that gender inequality and differences are the core of Muslim society determining its main norms and traditions, relations between women and men, husbands and wives. The case Punishment Worse than the Crime shows that gender relations are a part of cultural traditions. "One of the key determinants of women's status has been the division of labor around child care. Women's role in reproduction has historically limited their social and economic participation" (Kimmel 53). The case shows that gender differences are socially determined. Those values, customs and behavioral norms that account for the sexual differentiation in adult personal identity and behavior are transmitted from generation to generation. In Muslim countries, gender identity is being constructed at every developmental stage of the life cycle, from infancy right through to late adulthood, as the developmental antecedents and behavioral consequences interact with the personality. For Pakistan women punishment is worse than the crime because women obtain a low social role in society and cannot accuse men in wrong behavior. ...
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