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Nursing documentation

(Ammenwerth et al., 2003; Audit Commission, 2002)
'A nurse from Coventry was recently removed from the national register after failing to keep accurate records for patients in her care. She was found guilty of seven charges of misconduct. The committee heard that she failed to ensure care plans were prepared for several patients covering issues such as diabetes, pain management and dietary needs. On one occasion, she failed to notify staff of a patient's increased risk of hemorrhage following a drug error. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) found the nurse had systematically neglected a basic and crucial duty to keep proper records for the management of patient care.' (Griffin, 2004)
And this is only one of the cases found in literature, in relation to the negligence, with which the nurses treat the importance of making records. Castledine (2005) reports about the failures to carry on proper documentation in the Freda House. Freda House is described by him as the establishment for treating blind people. Due to the improper records, which one of the nurses - Bob - was making, many patients and older people in the Freda House were mistreated and had health complications. ...
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As the problems with the nursery documentation has become a subject of urgent discussions lately, for the reasons of this documentation being a source of essential information for the both the patient and the doctor, this literature review is aimed at the general survey of the literature sources related to the subject…
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