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The e-commerce, like other countries has had an impact on the gulf cooperation countries also. The way businesses are conducted and minor day to day operations have been changed. The GCC countries have realized the low cost of e-retailing and the consumer have also realized the benefits of buying online…

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Companies constantly use new technologies and innovations in order to increase their customer base and their profits. Business processes, operations, delivery, costs and strategies have definitely improved. Though the internet use has been seen in all countries, yet there are some who have advanced more in this area than the others. Countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Oman and Kuwait are relatively new in this area, whereas United States can be considered as one of the major users of internet. It was calculated that almost 40% of the total internet users of the world are present in America however, the rest are from Japan and developed countries of Western Europe. This study discusses the status of electronic business, specifically electronic retailing in the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
In today's modern world, internet is not only a communication and networking media but provides business to many industries and companies. It acts as a transaction medium for the retailers and a shopping outlet for the buyers. Over the past few years internet has grown to be one of the most used means of information sharing and product selling (Konradt, Wandke, Balazs & Christophersen, 165-174, 2003).
Though a few years back internet was considered as just a media of entertainment, and was considered to be used by teenagers only, but today inter ...
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